If any of these sound familiar, you need GuestContact.

  • You’ve got no way to tap into how guests are feeling and only know something's wrong when you read the bad review on TripAdvisor.
  • Because of the pandemic, guests keep to themselves and are reluctant to go to the front desk to raise an issue or concern face-to-face.
  • Your staff is spread wafer-thin from Covid-related cost-cutting and can’t handle much more.
  • Today’s guest demands a streamlined, low-contact, always-on digital experience that responds to questions or feedback in seconds, rather than minutes or hours.
  • Reputational loss from bad reviews has cost your business thousands of dollars in lost bookings.
works with every phone, no need to download an app

Reach out and respond in real-time. From $1 a room.

GuestContact gives you the power to communicate seamlessly with guests using an automated text messaging service across SMS, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Ensure guest satisfaction. And get positive reviews that drive online bookings and revenue.

How it works

Upgrade your hotel guest experience
from booking to checkout, and beyond

GuestContact ensures your guests experience seamless service at every step of their stay.

GuestContact Way:

Get off to a great start

Message guests with pre-stay information and reply to common questions.

Ordinary way:

Guest call to find out when they can check in and are put on hold for 10 minutes.

GuestContact Way:

Send a warm welcome

You’re left guessing if there was some sort of issue upon arrival only learn about it later in a review.

Ordinary way:

Guest gets to guest room and alarm clock isn't working.

GuestContact Way:

Extend your hospitality

Unobtrusively check guests are enjoying their stay and answer any questions.

Ordinary way:

Your guest is reluctant to go to the front desk, and stews in their room over an issue that could be resolved in seconds.

GuestContact Way:

End on a
great note

Follow up after check-out with a quick thank you message.

Ordinary way:

You have no idea how your guest felt about their stay until you hear about it later.

GuestContact Way:

Reach out
to the right people

Automatically request a review from guests who’ve had a great time - without feeling awkward.

Ordinary way:

Spend most of your time wondering if you’re reaching out to the right people and resolving issues that should have been dealt with days ago.

What happens when something goes wrong?

You get a priority alert the moment GuestContact finds out.
Stop an issue from turning into a problem.
Stop a problem from turning into a bad review.

Reach out

Maintain a human touch, contactlessly

Proactively and unobtrusively touch base with every single guest,
wherever they are, and ensure they're enjoying their stay.

“Is everything alright with that couple in 2E?”

Guest Pulse Check automatically collects guest feedback, and allows you to discover how your guests feel, uncover any issues with the property, and recover your relationship with them, before they walk out the door.

“How do I get more guests to give a review?”

GuestContact takes care of the review process automatically, so you can focus on managing their stay.

Guests who have already expressed positive sentiment towards your property will receive a review request.

This means there will always be recent, positive reviews on your hotel page, TripAdvisor, and Google Reviews.


Spot issues and answer requests, immediately

Get automatic alerts on problems so you can deal with them before they escalate. Speed up your response to straightforward requests and common questions. And give guests the experience they need to rave about you.

Review and Respond to Alerts

Ensure no issue goes unaddressed, with Priority Alerts on negative feedback sent straight to your mobile and GuestContact dashboard.

Answer Common Questions Instantly

Automated replies to 50+ common questions mean guest queries are answered instantly - without putting anyone on hold. So you provide consistent answers and improve guest experience and satisfaction before they even arrive.


Upgrade Your Guest Experience

For hotels and resorts that want to deliver a higher-level of service, choose 24/7 concierge agent support and give guests precisely what they need, whenever they need it.

  • GuestContact’s live support team is trained to your hotel’s standards.
  • Creation of a Wiki for all your hotel information (rooms, amenities, policies, setting, and roles within the support team).
  • Post-stay survey and personal follow up to promote a positive review.
  • Check-in and live support for all guest requests throughout their stay.
  • Seamless distribution of issue-and-request tickets across departments.
  • Automatic follow up and escalation to ensure requests are fulfilled and issues resolved.

Integrate Seamlessly with Your PMS

GuestConnect integrates seamlessly with almost every PMS, so you don’t need to worry about staff spending valuable time getting systems to talk to each other.

Report and review

Measure and manage, effortlessly

Get an end-to-end view of the guest experience. See exactly how long it takes for staff to respond. Spot issues that aren’t getting addressed. And finally, have the data you need to make a difference.

“Guest sentiment across the board is down today. What’s happening?”

While you’re having your morning coffee, check your Guest Sentiment heatmap to get an at-a-glance overview of what happened overnight. Zoom in on individual guest issues. And zoom out to see recurring problems across the guest journey and prompt more productive conversations with housekeeping, F&B, and front desk.

“Is a guest having an issue we need to address?”

Reporting and analytics suite shows you non-standard guest requests and issues - sorted by type and priority. See key trends. Track resolution of problems. Get escalation alerts. And ensure minor things don’t become major.


Get your hotels up and running with GuestContact in less than 60 days

Get in touch to see how easy it is to implement GuestContact - the only fully managed real-time communications platform built for hotels and resorts.

Answer pre-stay questions instantly

Instantly respond to guest requests

Identify and resolve issues while guests are in-house

Reach out to guests wherever they are on your property

Automatically follow up post-stay to request a review

Increase guest satisfaction without increasing staff headcount

Boost positive reviews, online bookings, and ultimately revenue

Pinpoint problems and
focus your team on improvement areas


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